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Welcome to the story sack page


What is a story sack?

A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a good quality children's picture book with supporting materials to bring the story to life such as puppets, a soft toy or games to stimulate reading activities. It contains either the story character or props relating to the characters in the story.


What is the aim of a story sack?

The aim is to give the parent the confidence to enjoy books and reading together with their child, thus creating a combined learning experience. Not every parent finds reading stories easy but the supporting materials in the sack should enable them to do this with their child at a variety of levels.


What will my child learn?

  • To develop a lifelong love for books
  • To listen to good stories read aloud
  • To talk and extend their vocabulary
  • To develop social skills
  • To develop their imagination
  • The props will improve your child's understanding of the story
Please see below the 'Dear Zoo' story sack I put together with good quality finger puppets combined with a fantastic hardback popular children's story with an information card on how to get the most out of your story sack.....

Zoo story sack

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