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How old does my baby have to be to join the baby massage class?

The class is aimed at babies for birth to crawling, however you may want to wait until your baby has their six week check


What do I need to bring with me to the class?


An old thick towel or two ( you may want to bring an additional towel to have on your lap in case your baby needs comforting during the massage session)


What if I arrive and my baby is asleep?


We would not encourage you to wake your baby. You would be welcome to watch the massage session regardless and if your baby stayed asleep for the whole session we would happily allow you to attend a class in the next course to compensate for this.

If my baby gets upset or needs feeding, what would I do?


You would need to stop massaging, lift your baby up and try to comfort them. If they stop crying you can try laying them down again and continuing the massage. If they are still upset then you know you will need to stop altogether. You would need to feed your baby if they are hungry as they are not going to want to continue being massaged. There are facilities to sit and feed your baby and warm bottles.

What if I get the massage strokes wrong, will it effect my baby?


As long as you are applying the right amount of pressure and following the strokes as near to what the instructors show as possible and your baby responds positively it will still be enjoyable for you and your baby.


Can I continue on and do another course?


Yes, by all means, a lot of parents find it beneficial to do this as it means they are regularly massaging their baby still.




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