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9.45, 11am or 1.30pm (at Hextable) whichever class you are attending -The class begins , come in and settle yourself and your baby down. Choose any yoga mat and lay your towel out ready with another towel on your lap (if you wish) Keep your baby on your lap for the time being to help them adjust to their surroundings whilst feeling secure with you. Feel free to introduce yourself to your neighbour.


Baby massage session which includes:falconwood lesson

Undressing your baby and making them and you feel comfortable

Asking permission of your baby

Various massage strokes and techniques to use with your baby on all parts of their body

Ways in which each massage stroke helps with various issues such as colic, sleeplessness and so on.

How to adapt the massage of your baby dependent on age and development

Different essential oils that can be used in the base massage oil to help with different ailments

Recap on massage strokes used in session



Thirty minutes later : A well needed drink and biscuit and a general discussion time around parent issues lead by you the parents on any current issues you are feeling the need for another opinion or just some general support with.


If at anytime during the massage session your baby becomes upset or hungry you must stop massaging and go with what your baby needs. You are more than welcome to feed your baby and there are facilities for warming bottles. You will be able to continue to watch the massaging and the massage strokes will be repeated at the next session.

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