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Hello, My name is Sarah, I am a qualified nursery nurse, have an NVQ4 in management and am a qualified developmental baby massage instructor

Myself at home with the children

Having been qualified since 1993 I have worked in various day nurseries in and around London and overseas in America and Australia. For the past five years I have worked as a Nursery Manager.


Having attended baby massage classes with both my children made me appreciate the real value of them, not only for my children but for myself. being able to have fun, learn to massage them effectively and be able to discuss various issues surrounding parenthood was invaluable . The long term friends I made from these classes has proven to be heart warming and supportive in all aspects.


Which leads me onto the reason why I was inspired to attend a course and qualify to teach other parents baby massage. For my entire career I have thoroughly enjoyed looking after children. I have watched and helped children grow and develop from babies into little people,the experience being rewarding and rich in many ways. When considering how to further my career whilst still being able to work with children and their parents doing something that I enjoy, baby massage was something I really knew I wanted to do. It worked around looking after my children and is something I personally find worthwhile.

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