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Welcome to Bexley Baby Massage

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Firstly congratulations on either your expected child or the new baby you hold in your arms. Despite whether it be your first, second, third child they are all unique and special in their own way.

Becoming a parent for the first time can be very daunting and scary and attending a baby massage class where you meet other like minded parents can really support this new experience.

There are many ways in which you can spend quality time with your baby, attending a baby massage is one way which will certainly enhance the relationship you have with your child and something you will do with your baby, not to your baby.

The techniques and strokes that you learn in the course can be used at home and passed onto the other parent to also use.

Many parents find that the discussion time after the classes extremely supportive and beneficial as many topics are discussed and ideas shared.
Many baby massage parents find meeting other parents and having someone to talk to about parenting issues a real bonus of attending the course.
Discussion time notes are emailed individually to all who attend so you do not forget those important tips.

Friendships are quite often formed by many who attend the course.

Please take time to view all the information contained in our website and if you would like any further information please contact us where i will be happy to help.

Call/text Sarah on 07967 663257

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