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The benefits of making a treasure basket Print E-mail
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Written by Sarah Scothern   

Making a treasure basket for your baby is a very rewarding experience for both you and baby. What is a treasure basket? It is a shallow sturdy basket or bowl with low sides containing a collection of everyday objects which are not plastic. Most of these are everyday objects used by adults and made of natural materials.



This is a very stimulating activity for your baby as not only are they using all their five senses when they are handling the objects they are learning through exploration. It allows them to become very skilled at handling different sized objects and therefore promotes their hand/eye co-ordination. It allows them to handle objects which you may never thought of putting in their reach.


In a world of commercial plastic noisy toys which children get bought an abundance off the treasure basket is a real joy like no other item your child will have. Its like the cardboard box as opposed to the contents - children will play with a box for far longer than they will the toy inside which I expect you have seen before. Having made and used a treasure basket with my own children I can truly appreciate its value. My son used his for a few months as he started to get on the move quite early, however the first time he used it he sat there for twenty minutes happily exploring. It was very interesting as the adult to just silently watch him use objects that I took for granted in my everyday life. It was amazing he was so interested in handling the bath chain and the sound it made as it dragged out of the basket.

treasure basket play


If you would like to make one, firstly look around your own home for:

natural objects (for example wicker balls,natural sponge, loofah, cork, feather)

wooden objects (for example pegs coasters, mixing spoon, egg cup)

metal objects (for example whisk, tea strainer, chain)

leather, fabric or rubber objects (for example dog bone, tennis ball, ribbon)


You baby can use a treasure basket from the moment they are able to sit unsupported until they are on the move. If your baby is wobbling a bit when seated just support them with soem cushions. Sit them sideways on to the basket so they can easily reach and explore the objects. Your role as the parent or carer is to sit comfortably close-by but not interfere with the play, be attentive and responsive to your baby's needs. Allow your baby to initiate the play and choose the objects they want to play with.

treasure basket play

Most of all enjoy using the basket with your baby.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you find it useful. I am now busy preparing the next stage of play for my son who is very mobile now and will enjoy heuristic play with objects.


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