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The importance of routine for a baby Print E-mail
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Written by Sarah Scothern   


A controversial subject as I'm sure many others have different views on this emotive subject. I am only speaking from my own experiences with our own two children and other people's children I have cared for. In my opinion the routine is the most important thing to consider when you are raising your children. It not only give your children the stability, security and know how of what happens next, it is something that holds you together as a family.




Children thrive on routine and when this is changed for one day due to any circumstance you really notice the consequences. When my children we young babies I was aware of all the different authors/family members/friends views on what you should or should not do regarding routine and getting your child into bad habits but I sat back and thought what I personally wanted. I felt that they set the pace in the early days, I fed on demand, let them sleep when they were tired and cuddled them as much or a little as they needed. I was not consciously aware but they kind of fell into a routine themselves around 3 months old.


I was always very strict on daytime sleeps and how they fell asleep. What I mean by this is I always put them down in a dark room, awake so they fell asleep by themselves as I didn't want them to develop an association with going to sleep by me being there, being rocked or fed. I felt this is something very important as it means ease of life for you and your children. They then learn how to settle themselves if they wake in the night and don't feel afraid if they wake up and wonder where you are. You in turn get to spend quality time with your partner or by yourself particularly in the evening when you need that the most. They have always slept in a grow bag/sleeping bag which I think are wonderful.


When feeding both of them from birth up to about four months they always fell asleep during the feed, so at the end of the feed I would sit them up and wind them to rouse them. If this did not work I would gently blow in their face or tickle their toes. As soon as  their eyes flicker I would then lay them in their cot so they would be aware of where they were and fall asleep.


Over time I will add to this article....thank you for reading

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