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Helping you and your baby deal with colic E-mail
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Written by Sarah Scothern   


If there is one thing that is certain about colic, it's that there no one cure fits all.Babies can have the most shocking colic and scream all evening and well  into the night (sometimes non-stop till morning) for the first couple of months. You can try everything everyone recommends and what you will find that some things worked sometimes and others at other times. The medical remedies seem to tackle specific problems, so their success lies in the underlying cause of each baby's colic.


Infacol and Dentinox - help with the wind issue (this did not cure my baby's colic and I gave up on  this quite early on)

Gripe Water - This helps with the wind issue - but did not cure the colic spasms.

Colief - This breaks down the lactose in the milk. I think this did actually help although didn't completely solve it - but I kept on with it . It is expensive so I ended up going to the GP and getting it on prescription (ie free!) - tears help if the doctor is not sympathetic! This is also a pain to administer if you are breastfeeding because you have to express milk first to dissolve it in and then feed this to your baby before every feed but if it works.....

Cranial Osteopathy - This is may be worth a try - They seem to work on the fact that some babies can get a kind of whiplash injury on their neck during the birth (that is if your baby was born naturally?) and they work at loosening the neck and the diaphragm which seem to be linked. If the diaphragm is tight then this has repercussions on the baby's food tube which apparently contributes towards digestive problems (therefore colic?) - Am no doctor so that wasn't very scientifically put but I think that is roughly the reasoning behind it. I know people that have found this successful.

The distraction thing may also work. I bought a white noise CD (quite horrid, sounds like a vacuum cleaner) but putting it on loud and leaving them in a darkened room with it on sometimes it can work as an instant sleep inducer... very odd I know but may work sometimes.

What you are eating

Do look at what your eating, spicy food, fruit, orange juice can upset their stomach. Some babies are actually intolerant to their mothers drinking cows milk and also flour is another one.


When you feed him/her keep as upright on the breast as possible - I used to latch my son on so that they were literally almost upright when it was at its worst. Keep their abdomen as long and forward as possible and this helps relieve any wind, as does doing a soothing massage. The main one here is to place your hand on his tummy with your thumb at the pubic bone and little finger at the chest, side on and make rippling movements. Some people suggest that if you express milk and feed it to the baby at about 5 then this reduces colic. Personally, I found this useless and upsetting, however, you may find it does it for you.

The other major breakthrough is the 5 s 's which have to be done all at the same time to induce the reflux.

    1. swaddle the baby

    2. place baby on stomach in your arms

    3. swing the baby face down in your arms

    4. suck - make sure the baby is sucking a dummy, which you hold in as
    you are doing this and then the final is

    5.Shhhhing - very loud in the
    baby's ear for up to a minute non stop. It does work.


Massage in my opinion as a baby massage instructor really does help to ease the discomfort and can leave the babies very relaxed as the whole massage can relax them, induce sleep and generally leave their body particularly their tummies feeling soft and at ease.It also has an effect on you as massaging your baby is something you do together and can relax you and release feel good hormones in yourself. It may seem strange as you are not being massaged but the enjoyment you get from participating in the activity is one you will feel at the time.

Hope this article helps you.

Sarah your local baby massage instructor






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