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Tummy time for your baby E-mail
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Written by Sarah Scothern   


Tummy time is a period of time set aside for your baby to lie on their stomach.....


“Waking” tummy time is very important for your baby two or three times a day for a few minutes or more. Babies then develop good head control as they lift against gravity and also build their muscles and strength in their upper bodies to be able to support themselves on the arms ready to reach and later on move different ways when crawling.


Babies will generally at first be reluctant to try this position either moaning or burying their head on the floor, however practise and regular times doing this will build strength and enjoyment. It will be tempting and a natural response as their parent to quickly lift them up to soothe them. However try to see how long they will stay there as long as they are just moaning of course. At this stage obviously you need to stay very closeby until they are fully supporting themselves.


Make tummy time fun and interesting for your baby by placing colourful items in front of them, their favourite toys or by even laying down face to face with them and singing or just calling their name. All these things will encourage your baby to lift their head up and then reach out for items.


Not only does "tummy time" help with coordination, balance and postural control, which is the foundation for all movement skills, it increases babies' confidence and independence helping them to become motivated to explore their surroundings as they learn to control their bodies.

With the busy lives of feeding, changing and sleeping you may often forget about tummy time so try to either have set times if your baby is in a routine or leave reminders in places where you spend lots of time playing.




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