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Well a belated happy new year one and all. 2012 has started off very busy with lots of people joining my baby massage class at both Falconwood and Sidcup. Both classes are full and bustling. Lots of conversation about births, feeding and baby's sleep patterns over tea and biscuits which helps support Mum's in need of new ideas. I am pleased to say that I have a few returning Mum's too with their second babies which is so nice to see them again and meet the new addition. Coping with anothe child  is a hot topic too with these Mum's telling others how they do. Mainly being more organised with the second one fitting around the older one's activities. Having additional family help is always a bonus.


Sing and Story at Falconwood is nearly reaching it's full capacity with Mum's arriving early for a free cuppa and chat whilst the babies play before we start to sing our songs, play instruments and pop bubbles then watching the parachute waft them away before our story. An added bonus is that Welling and Falconwood Mum's can be eligible for the class at a subsidised rate. As it is a children's centre i work in partnership with Bexley council to provide this for the Mum's who live locally to it. It then becomes very affordable and allows more children to enjoy the class. Do call me now to book your free taster class as spaces are now limited.


There is a possibility that Sing and Story will also be starting at Sidcup from Friday 2 March from 9.30- 10.45am. Watch this space for more information....and do let me know if you'll be interested by calling 07967 663 257 or email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


However there is lots of Mum's who live outside the area who attend for a reasonable £4.50 a class which gives them the opportunity to turn up half and hour before to enjoy a catch up over a cuppa.


I am also delighted to be asked to run some more sessions for the baby group at Wrotham Road Clinic, Welling which is part of Children's Centres. On Friday 3 February I will be doing a 'Sing and Story' session and then on Friday 9 March a 'Heuristic Play and Treasure Basket' session. This group is subsidised to go to, you just need to contact them direct.


All the best for 2012 and hope to see you soon.

Sarah, your local baby massage instructor

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