'Playing with Sounds' workshops Print
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It's started, I am excited to say. My workshops are underway at Falconwood Community Centre. Last week saw eight three and four year olds thoroughly enjoy the 'Rhythm and Rhyme' - let's listen session I put on. It consisted of listening games using my listening box full of various sounds, using the musical instruments and playing some listening games using bean bags and actions. The session was rounded off by the children making their own 'discovery bottles'. The children left happily shaking and moving their new instruments and the parents left saying how they enjoyed it that much they would be back for the next session next Friday.


My focus was on children using their 'listening ears' for this first session which is so important for them in going on to have the attention to participate in activities to do with learning sounds. I actively encouraged parents to join in but also to sit back when I was asking children questions to allow them to think. I compiled some notes for parents to take away to extend their children's learning at home. Roll on next week when we have 'Let's fly away with some parachute games' Looking forward to it