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Things have been busy for what is nearly the first half of the year gone. Baby massage has had a very busy start to the year with both classes being full to the brim. Lots of mum's and babies bonding and enjoying some quality one to one time together. Singing the various songs in the session is also a lovely way of Mum's communicating with their young babies aswell as an enjoyable activity to share together for years to come.

Sing and Story has seen us sharing lots of favorite songs each week aswell as being able to say hello and give cuddles to 'Sophie' the puppet who has become part of our session at the beginning and end. Come along for a 'free' taster class to see if you like it.

I attended a brilliant course today called 'Letters and Sounds' which was packed with great ideas to enhance children's listening skills to lead nicely onto supporting early language and literacy development. It highlighted the importance of vocabularly development. This training is mainly geared at children from three years old which has always been an area of great interest to me from when I was a nursery nurse working in the pre school for a long time. This is also knowledge I would like to be able to share with three/four years olds and their parents by way of workshops in the near future so watch this space for some exciting things to come....