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It has been a while since I last blogged, I have started another class since September as there was alot of Mum's wanting to bring their babie's along and my Thursday class was full. This has proved beneficial to parents who wish to switch days some weeks.


It was a lovely class today, we had a new baby join us who was just seven weeks old.  It is wonderful that babies are coming to the class a bit younger as the average age of joining was about ten weeks up until recently. It is so beneficial the earlier on you massage your babies and not just for them but for you as a parent too. The feel good hormones called 'endorphins' that you release as part of giving your baby a loving massage help to make you feel good, revitalised and more empowered to face the challenges of being a parent. It is also is a great way to bond with your baby, spending quality time and meeting other like minded parents who share the same concerns and challenges as you do.We also had a granny come along today and massage her grand daughter which she thoroughly enjoyed, it's always nice to have fathers and grandparents come to class and learn how to massage too as then it can be shared and everyone can enjoy the strong bonding massage brings.


I have had groups of NCT Mum's joining my baby massage classes alot recently. They feel it is something they would like to do together and means they have a meeting point once a week at my class. The coffee and chat after the baby massage part is as important as the massage itself as they get to catch up on the week's going on's and feel re-assured that their concerns are shared and they are not alone in their experiences. I am finding alot of people are opting to do a ten week course now as they are enjoying the classes so much and do want to leave. These comments came from a chat at the end of my class today with two very lovely Mum's who were very complimentary, they have done ten weeks as part of their NCT group and would like to do more classes until the end of the year. One of them also went away with one of my treasure baskets today which I sell to people who attend my class for £35.00. Please see my Treasure basket page to find out more about this wonderful piece of equipment that you can make yourselves.