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Today's class discussion was interesting as we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves once again as there were three new people join the group with their babies. I try to do this everytime several new people join as I feel this enables everyone to discuss and share parenting issues therefore getting valuable advice and tips from other Mum's. It also brings us together as a group of Mum's. Thank you for taking part in this and giving your thoughts and opinions that could help others in ther day to day care of their little ones. As a reminder here are some of the topics that were discussed...

Sleepless nights: A new mum to the class shared her feelings of sheer exhaustion due having to get up in the night to her 18 week old, something that we can all relate to. She was finding it difficult as it was every three hours and the only way to settle her was to give her milk, even though she did not feel she was always waking due to hunger. Some of the advice was to try a bedtime lotion after her bath or start to water her milk down so it got less and less formula each night and then you were giving her just water to drink by which time she would get out of the habit. Thats if you really felt she was not hungry in the night and just waking out of habit which is very common. Another one of our babies is a very light sleeper which was a tricky one as no one in the group had encountered this.Take a look at our discussion notes from Thursday 28 May as we did talk about routine and sleep patterns.


Weaning: A few Mum's with older babies had started weaning and we spoke briefly about how they were finding this. One baby was preferring the fruit to the vegetables, which you can find and Mum quite rightly pointed out that a health visitor had said that you do sometimes have to try them on a certain food 20 times before they are likely to accept it. Some of the comments were to try and mix a vegetable and a fruit as they do make nice combinations. Such as avocado and banana which is one of Annabel Carmels puree's and one both my children loved. I pesronally found when there was this preferencee that having both on the table and doing one and then the other fooled them into thinking they were having their favorite fruit and then the vegetable was given then the fruit again. It worked. Fingers foods are currently recommened from seven months and the sooner they are started on these they learn to self feed which is lovely. Starting on toast fingers, sticks of cheese and skinned cucumber sticks is a good start when you feel ready. The 'gaging' reaction is very common when fingers foods are first introduced which can be very worrrying but the more finger food they have the better they become at overcoming this. A pat on the back or a drink of water soon sorts it out.


Febrile Convulsions: One of the Mum's shared her experience of her six month old having a febrile convulsion a few weeks back. It is caused when a child has a fever (a temparature of 38 degrees C or above) caused by an inflammation or an infection. In this child's case Mum was informed it was down to a viral infection she had that they would not have been aware of. She had developed a slight temparature earlier in the day and Mum went to her when she was on her playmat to find her quite stiff clenching her fists, with a white face and blue lips. She didn't respond when spoken to and Mum called an ambulance which arrived within minutes. She stayed in hospital  over night whilst they carried out tests which were procedure, however she soon recovered and all was fine. Apparently these are very common in children between 6 months and 3 years and 30 percent of children are likely to have one again if they have experienced it under 18 months of age. It was very kind of the Mum to share this with us as it muct have been a very frightening experience. Following on from this we discussed the use of ear thermometers which are really good and we looked at one that one of the Mum's had. One  Mum said a chemist locally called Lloyds are currently doing offers on these as they can be quite expensive elsewhere.


Day Nurseries: I went along to visit a few nurseries with a close friend in the group who is looking for one to start her child in January. As an Ex Nursery Manager and someone who has been in childcare 16 years I felt I wanted to help her in looking at them to give her my professional opinion of which she was grateful. It was quite interesting to compare the two we looked at as they were both so different in care standards. There are lots of things to look for when going to view nurseries which I would be happy to advise anyone on, however I feel the main thing is the feel you get when you walk in there, how the enviroment seems (stimulating or dull) and whether the staff are friendly and engaged with the children.


Hope you have found these notes helpful - see you all next week


Sarah, your local baby massage instructor