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Today's main discussion was about routine, the importance of it and how we were doing certain things to get the babies into a routine even if it was just mainly a bedtime one for now. Sleep is as important as food and drink to our bodies and something we find very hard being deprived of with the sleepless nights! It is important to pass on good habits to our children regarding sleep, hence why sleep asscociations such as rocking, stroking,feeding and soothing your baby to sleep can do more harm than good. We all love to hold our babies and let them sleep during the day on us when they are very young and this is not wrong but does not allow them to be able to learn how to get to sleep by themselves naturally. Some of us found using the carrycot from the pram or the moses basket downstairs . Also using growbags was really beneficail, particularly the ones form Primark which are alot smaller for our young babies. Some babies just slip into a routine themselves, I found around three months, whereas some dont really have a pattern for some time. Each baby is unique, as is our views on how to tackle it. I feel there is no right or wrong way of doing things as you have to do what you feel meets your child's needs and you as parents. I found the following helped me in introducing a establishing a good routine for my children from about three months of age.

* Sleeping in a growbag for day and night time sleeps (vest underneath for day and sleepsuit for night)
* Having blackout blinds and lined blackout curtains drawn for all sleeps
* Always putting them down awake (sleep associations like rocking, feeding and cuddling to sleep can leave children feeling anxious when they wake after being out down asleep to find they are in a different place and not in your arms)
* Putting my children down for nap after they had been awake for two hours
* Having a specific signal that is close to bedtime (when they were not mobile I would give them some 'nappy off time' on a towel half and hour before they went to bed with a lullaby or nursery rhyme CD playing in the background. Then a bath before a stroy, feed and bed.
* Always did the last feed in the bedroom with dimmed lights, no eye contact or conversation, then after winding and cuddle, put down and door closed.
* Mealtimes are at certain times and I have always thought it most important to eat as family once a day to enable us to not only socialise as a family but to encourage good table manners (it makes it so much easier when you take them to restaurants)


Look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks time (as there is no class next week) for a discussion around cup drinking, I am going to bring an interesting article aswell as a doidy cup to show you.


Thanks for reading, hope this has been helpful


Sarah, your local baby massage instructor

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