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Well its been a full on month since I last posted, my daughter turned four and I found myself feeling quite emotional as even though she is still small, four seems so grown up whereas being three was still like a toddler to me. Amazing how time flies by and how will I cope when she starts reception in September. Probably be inconsolable at the school gates! I expect there wont be a dry eye in sight though so wont be the only one. Anyway going back to her birthday, for the first time I decided to do a little tea party on the day for a few friends at our house which was wonderful, we played a few party games and I did a hot tea for all the children and their mums. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and it just shows that you dont need to go overboard for children to have fun and fond memories. I remember always having a "jelly and ice cream" type party at my house whereas now its all soft play parties with around 30 children!


In recent years I have had just the grandparents to tea on the day and we have had a family day out somewhere at the weekend after. This year we went to Fishers Farm Park in Surrey which was lovely, mainly because it was not busy so we had the run of the place and could go on lots of the activities time and time again. We then went to a restaurant afterwards to round the day off nicely and the children loved gazing out the window as the snow settled.


The snow was great fun for a few days, doing the usual snowmen and throwing snowballs. Then the novelty wore off slightly and really wanted to get back to normal and be able to drive without fear of skidding. Very beautiful to look at though as everything looks so wonderful covered in snow.


Last week's baby massage class was lovely with four new mums trying out the free class, a few of the babies were so relaxed from the massage they feel asleep on the mats when they were all dressed up ready to go. Amazing how tiring and soothing a massage can be not just for the adults!


Well thats all for now until next time


Sarah, your local baby massage instructor