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Happy New Year to you, hope it is a good one and you and your children have lots of fun, quality time as a family and precious moments to remember in 2009.



We are only the second week into the new year and one of my resolutions has already fallen by the wayside - to get back to my weekly swim. Family life seems so hectic at times there doesn't seem much time for leisurely pursuits but I feel you have to make time as have always thought it is important to have some 'me' time. At the end of the day like most parents when the children are in bed you have no energy for much else that sitting down for a quiet evening. Particualrly at the moment as my son has been unwell with a nasty winter flu and vomiting bug that is going around. He has been vomiting, coughing and his nose has been streaming. As he feels so awful he wants to be held most of the time and has been most upset by it. I went to the doctor just to get him checked out and he said it can last for up to ten days! I am only on day 5 now...oh joy. As much as I have alot of sympathy for him as he is only a young baby it can take its toll on you and be very restricting looking after a sick child. I just drop everyhting to cuddle and look after him as he is the priority over the mountain of housework and other things that need doing.


I have found however that honey and cinnamon have always been wonderful at helping with a sore throat and cold. It has helped my daughter feel better when she has nasty colds and she is particularly prone to sore throats. Honey has been proven to be a very effective medicine and its so natural. I gave my 11 month old a teaspoonful of honey mixed with a spinkle of cinnamon (warmed honey beforehand as it goes solid in the jar) for the past three days and his very harse cough/sore throat has eased already and is no longer making him cry in pain. It has many benefits for different ailments - I swear by it. When I have a cold I have hiney and lemon drinks llike most people, drink plenty and try to rest when i can and I have always found it works. Of course I take tablets when I feel really terrible but try to stick to the natural option if I can.

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